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Should I take into account certain basic care of my decoration with balloons?

Yes of course. There are certain basic rules that in any decoration with balloons must be taken into account:

  • Do not expose to sudden changes in temperature.
  • When the balloons are placed directly in the sun, the latex or metallic material can burst, as with heat. It is not advisable to leave the balloons in very closed places such as the car, as they could deflate or burst.
  • Helium gas is not flammable, it must be taken into consideration that when the helium balloons are placed in front of the air conditioning, the gas particles are compressed and the balloons shrink a little bit / get soft automatically, this is a natural process. Avoid placing in front or below the air conditioner.
  • Metallic balloons can be transmitters of electricity. Please avoid dropping them or bringing them close to power lines.
  • Once the balloon, arrangement or decoration has been delivered either in withdrawal mode or in shipping mode, the person who receives the arrangement is responsible. We can’t offer any exchanges or refunds.
How long do Balloon Decorations last outdoors?

Sunlight, rain, wind and heat affects the lifespan of all the balloons. As this said, we cant guarantee any specific amount of lifetime. Light colors helps to expand the lifetime.

We highly recommend to install the decoration  on the same day of the event date.

How long do Balloon Decorations last indoors?

Air filled Balloon Decorations can last indoors for weeks (this depends on many factors like heat, sunlight and humidity).

Do you guarantee a float time for the Helium Balloons?

There are many ways Helium Balloons could be affected, for this reason we cannot guarantee any float times.

Any decoration or arrangement with helium, it is recommended that it be delivered or removed the same day of the celebration, to make better use of the float time of the same.

The float time depends entirely on the material (latex, metal, plastic) of the balloon and its size.

The latex helium balloons last approximately 16 hours.

Metallic or plastic balloons could float for hours, days, or weeks.

However, we cannot guarantee flight time under any circumstances.

Do you order on short notice?

Yes of course! We offer same-day or next-day decor service for an additional fee.

Can my Balloons be customized?

Yes! We carry out a variety of customization in various styles and sizes of balloons.

How much do you charge for the delivery and what areas do you service?

We deliver in most of the San José region (Escazú, Rohrmoser, Santa Ana, Ciudad de San José, San Pedro, Curridabat and others), southern Alajuela, southern Heredia and eastern Cartago.

If you are not sure if you are in our delivery radius, contact us by phone at 8800-6188 or through the social networks “GlobosCostaRica”.

Shipping rate is based on distance, assembly / installation, travel time, and highway tolls.

Important to take into account:

  • Usually we do not have a fixed delivery time. For the arrival time of the delivery, you must choose a window of 2 hours of time to accommodate the order for example between 9:00 am and 11:00 am. We will check the disposability and will schedule with you a delivery time.
  • All our arrangements are made the same day of the celebration, for a longer duration of the balloons.
  • Once the decoration is installed, if it is subsequently moved from one place to another, it is the responsibility of the client.
Do you strike the Balloon Decoration after the event?

Yes, we can remove for an additional fee the Balloon Decoration whenever you wish. Please notify us during the order process.

My Balloons looks after a while a little bit pearly, is this normal?

As Latex Balloons are a natural product, the oxidation / frosty effect is just a natural process.

What payment options do you offer?

To reserve your balloon decoration or arrangement with balloons in orders over $ 75, an advance payment of 50% of the total cost is handled. The other 50% is paid the day before the event.

In orders under $ 75, 100% of the cost is handled for the reservation. This rule will also apply, if the event is from one day to the next or the same day of the reservation.

In case of event cancellation, there is no refund of the amount paid.

Can we meet us in the event area?
Yes, we provide onsite consultation for an additional fee.
Can I collect my balloons at your location?

Yes, the Balloons and Arrangements with Helium previously reserved you can collect them personally (depending on the design). Please note that our Balloon Arrangements could be really large. In the case of Balloon Decorations, we do the delivery ourselves, as it requires installation by us.

Please provide the full name and contact telephone number of the person who will do the pickup of the arrangement on the day and time range established.

We recommend using a suitable and unoccupied trolley to collect and carry out the decor, preferably with the backs of the seats down to be able to insert the arrangement without damage, balloons exploding or accessories detaching. It is recommended to pick up on models such as SUV´s, Minivans or Tourings. We are not responsible for damages caused by handling and final result during the transfer.

Can I have a photograph prior to delivery of my arrangement or decoration?

We generally do not take photos during the creation process. Ideally they are taken at the time of assembly / installation.

We will be uploading photos of the client with their decoration or arrangement to our social networks or website.