How long do Balloon Decorations last outdoors?

Sunlight, rain, wind and heat affects the lifespan of all the balloons. As this said, we cant guarantee any specific amount of lifetime.

How long do Balloon Decorations last indoors?

Air filled Balloon Decorations can last indoors for weeks.

Do you guarantee a float time for the Helium Balloons?

Hay muchas formas en las que los Globos con Helio podrían verse afectados, por esta razón no podemos garantizar ningún tiempo de flotación.

How long does my helium balloons fly?
This depends on the material (latex, mylar / foil or plastic) of the balloon.
In best conditions latex balloons can fly up to 2 days while mylar or plastic can fly up to several days / weeks.
Under no circumstances, we can provide any guarantee for decor or flight time.
Do you deliver the same day?

Yes of course! We offer this same day service for an additional fee.

Can I see the person on the table across from me when I order a Balloon Centerpiece?

Yes, the Balloon Centerpieces are designed for socializing and will float above the eye level.

Can my Balloons be personalized and customized?

Yes! We are able to personalize almost every Balloon in every size.

How much do you charge for the delivery and what areas do you service?

We deliver most of the San José region (Escazú, Rohrmoser, Santa Ana, Ciudad de San José, San Pedro, Curridabat and others), the south of Alajuela, the south of Heredia and the east of Cartago.

We offer our Balloon Decoration for weddings, big parties and all other occasions also in Jaco, Quepos and Manuel Antonio (please consider a minimum order value to the amount of $ 750).

If you are not sure to be in our radius, please reach out to us by phone 8455-5399 or social media “GlobosCostaRica”.

The delivery fee is based on distance, highway toll and travel time. An individual position in the quote will be shown.

Do you strike the Balloon Decoration after the event?

Yes, we can remove for an additional fee the Balloon Decoration whenever you wish. Please notify us during the order process.

My Balloons looks after a while a little bit pearly, is this normal?

As Latex Balloons are a natural product, the oxidation / frosty effect is just a natural process.

How can I pay my Balloon Decoration?

After you accept our quote, you will receive an invoice by E-Mail. Please pay upfront 50% of the full amount to our bank account. The other 50% have to pay on the day of the event. We understand that some organizations and schools have other payment processes. Please inform us so we will find an individual solution.

Can we meet us in the event area?
Yes, we provide onsite consultation for an additional fee.
Can I pick um my Balloons from your store?

Yes, you are able to pick up all Helium Balloons and Bouquets. Please think about it that our Balloons Bouquets could be really huge. As we have to install our Balloon Decorations by ourselves, we have to deliver them.