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Balloon Arches

They are great for any occasion and are used for gala dinners, weddings and birthday parties.

They can be used to help people to navigate to your stand on a fair or find the entry of your shop.

A huge color selection, different materials and patterns allow us to create creative Balloon Arches for your event!

They can be made huge for example a car promotion or small for a gift table and can be used indoor as well as outdoor.


Some more details:

– In general, we can produce any size of Ballon Arch so we can fit your needs. We also offer an on-site consultation for an additional fee to take for your the right measurements.

– A common size of a Ballon Arch is round about 14 ft width by 12 ft tall – it always depends on the building and overall conditions.

– Depending on the material and under perfect conditions, Balloon Arches can least for weeks indoors for promotions or any other business purposes.

– Balloon Arches are free standing and can be installed on any underground from a fancy wood banquet to the backyard for your grill party.

– With a helium filled Balloon Arch you can cover large distances over a dance floor or a special deal at a car dealer ship. You can use them indoors and under special conditions also outdoors.

– We offer also Organic Balloon Arches to give you the maximum of uniqueness, creativity and individuality.

– You can personalize your Balloon Arch for example with a unique sign like „Happy Birthday!“, „Get Well!” or „Welcome Home!“.

You have some other ideas – we would love to hear them! Please reach out to us over the contact form, social media „GlobosCostaRica“ or by phone +506 8455-5399.

We would love to serve you!